Woscher 801 Rapid Performance Portable Car Tyre Inflator

120W, 12V Voltage, 9FT Long Cable, Built-In Led Light, Analog Display,

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Product Information

Colour ‎Black
Material ‎ABS Plastic
Item Weight ‎450 Grams
Item Dimensions LxWxH ‎30 x 8 x 35 Centimeters
Power Source ‎Corded Electric
Maximum Pressure ‎120 Pound per Square Inch
Operation Mode ‎Automatic
Manufacturer ‎Dongguan Lingdu Industrial Co. Ltd
Country of Origin ‎China
Item model number ‎801

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Woscher 801 Tyre inflator

Woscher 801 tyre inflator are portable devices designed to inflate car tyres with air. They can be used in emergencies when tyre pressure needs to be increased quickly, or they can be used regularly as part of regular maintenance. The woscher tyre inflator is a must-have accessory for any driver, as it allows them to easily increase the pressure of their tyres and improve the performance of their cars.

The portable tyre inflator for car works by taking compressed air from an external source and using it to pump up tyres. It is usually powered by electricity and comes in either 12V or 24V versions, depending on the power requirements of the vehicle. Woscher air compressor car tyre inflator are typically small and lightweight, making them easy to store and carry around with you. The woscher tyre inflator usually come with a variety of nozzles that can be used to adjust the air pressure, and some models also have digital gauges for precise readings.

Why Tyre Inflator is a must-have car accessory?

The Woscher rapid-performance portable tyre inflator is essential for all motorists. It allows you to quickly and easily inflate your tyres in minutes, meaning you don’t have to wait around for a mechanic or tyre shop. It also means that you can get back on the road much faster if you have a flat tyre.

Not only air compressor car tyre inflators for car save time, but they are also helpful in ensuring that your tyres are properly inflated. Properly inflated tyres help to extend the life of your tyres, as well as provide better handling and performance when driving. Inflating your tyres helps ensure that they have the right amount of pressure, improving fuel efficiency and safety while driving.

Having a Woscher rapid-performance portable tyre inflator for the car also means that you can always be prepared if you are in an emergency situation. If your car gets stuck, having an air compressor car tyre inflator with you can make it much easier to get the tyre inflated and back on the road quickly. That being said, the Woscher 801 tyre inflator and air compressor car tyre inflator are also useful when travelling long distances, as they provide peace of mind knowing that you can inflate tyres in case of any emergency.

Features of Woscher 801 Tyre Inflator

Lightning-quick and strong

This Woscher 801 tyre inflator portable tyre inflator for car is a decent size and has a maximum pressure of 120 psi. It can inflate a regular mid-sized car tyre from 0-35 psi in just two minutes and has a pressure range of 0-120 psi.

A lengthy charging cord

The Woscher rapid performance portable tyre inflator has the power cable of the tyre inflate measuring 3 metres (12 feet) in length, and it has been built so that you can reach any of the four wheels and even beyond.

Diverse applications

The fact that this air compressor car tyre inflator for car comes with two nozzles that deliver a high volume of airflow and adapters means that it can be used on various tyres without the need for an additional power source, which makes it an even better value.

Easily implemented

This Woscher rapid-performance portable tyre inflator has three reading units, making reading the pressure simpler and more convenient. This means the pressure can be better managed when inflating tires to ensure safety.

Built-in led

This Woscher tyre inflator features an integrated led light, making it easier to use and more visible during the night. It is also excellent for use in an emergency during the night.

Why woscher 801 tyre inflator ?

The Woscher portable tyre inflator is the perfect solution for anyone needing a quick and convenient way to keep their car tyres inflated. This lightweight yet powerful little device can easily be stored in your glove box or trunk, so you’re always prepared when those pesky low tyre warnings pop up.

The air compressor car tyre inflator for the cars comes with an easy-to-use digital pressure gauge that allows you to set the desired inflation level quickly – simply press the “set” button and wait for the LED light to indicate that it has reached the correct pressure. Woscher rapid performance portable tyre inflator also features an emergency deflate setting so you can safely and quickly reduce over-inflated tyres.

It’s powered by either a 12V car socket or an AC wall plug, making it a great portable option for anyone who wants to keep their tyres in top condition on the go. The Woscher tyre inflator also has a bright LED light, perfecting it for roadside emergencies after dark.

Overall, the Woscher 801 tyre inflator is a portable tyre inflator for cars that is simple and convenient to use, allowing you to quickly get back on the road without worrying about your tyres being under-inflated. Its lightweight design and powerful air pump are sure to become essential for any driver’s glove box.

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Customer Reviews

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Very good

Excellent product.

Excellent product. It really inflated my tyre quickly and I am very much satisfied with this woscher product.


Woscher 801 Rapid Performance Portable Car Tyre Inflator

Hardeep Singh
Go for it.

Good one . One must go for it.

Sandesh Pawar
Wosher tyre inflator 801

It’s best tyre inflator, I like it.

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