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Introduction to Woscher Car Tyre Inflator

A car tyre inflator is a handy tool that may be carried around in case your tyres are flat or punctured. So, instead of using those expensive and heavy compressors, you can just use a Woscher tyre inflator for car. To get the right tire pressure back, just plug the inflator into the 12V power socket. In addition to this, some car air pump have multiple features like a digital readout, a flashlight, or accessories.

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Easy-to-use HEPA-filtered 2-in-1 air pump car vacuum cleaner and tyre inflator for car. It can quickly inflate tyres to their maximum pressure of 150 PSI (from 0 PSI in 6 minutes). Over 5.5 kPA of suction from a 110-watt cyclonic motor. This device's analogue display shows precise pressure. An accurate gauge simplifies tyre inflation. LED light helps you work in low light.


This compact car tyre inflator air compressor can reach its maximum pressure of 120 psi in just 2 minutes, which is more than enough time to inflate a tyre on a regular mid-sized automobile. This Woscher inflator's power wire can reach all four wheels.


The Woscher Pro Power 802D digital automobile tyre inflator for car uses DC 12V to inflate bike tyres from 0-35 psi to 120 psi in 2 minutes. This portable compressor is easy to use and fast. It also contains a powerful, long-lasting LED light that helps in low light. The on/off switch inflates the tyre quickly. After starting the engine, attach the air compressor.


This car tyre inflator device inflates scooters, bikes, and car tyres. Pillows, boats, balls, and balloons can be made. Thermal resistance lowers noise and prevents overheating. Our high-quality car air pump lasts. Its small, lightweight form makes it portable. Woscher portable tire inflator includes a bag.

Why do you need a Car tyre inflator?

Tyres have a crucial part in vehicle performance but are often disregarded as a contributing component. As any motorist will tell you, excellent handling begins with decent tyres. Keeping the air pressure in your tyres at the recommended level is one of the best things you can do for them. It is possible to do it at any gas station, but tyre inflation is a more convenient and cost-effective option.

Punctured tyres require a car tyre inflator. Tubeless tyres can run 100 km after a puncture if inflated. Air doesn't escape Tubeless Tyres easily (don't remove the nail), thus a car tire inflator can save you.

Why choose The Woscher Car Vacuum Cleaner And Car tyre inflator?

Woscher's car vacuum cleaner and tyre inflator for cars is the best available online. Woscher products are U.S.-made portable air compressors. Being the best tyre inflator for car India, Woscher has quickly grown in importance, now being included among the world's top 10 best tyre inflators. A medium-sized bike tyre can be inflated from 0-35 PSI in two minutes, but a car tyre takes three. Inflators can vary from 110 to 300 psi (PSI).

Reliable, Portable & Convenient car tyre inflator:

Our car air pump can be used for many different things and is made of high-quality materials that will last for a long time. It's lightweight and tiny, so you may carry it anywhere without much space. Our portable little automobile tyre inflator comes with a bag for storage.

Value for money

The Woscher tyre inflator for car is the most reliable and long-lasting option available without costing a fortune. You'll receive superior tyre pumps and vacuums, as well as a wide selection of additional equipment, allowing you to inflate your tyres whenever you need to and drive safely, regardless of where you happen to be.

Customer Satisfaction

Woscher is India's fastest-growing automaker because it understands customers' comfort and wants in a cost-effective way. The corporation justifies its products well and wins over every customer.

What to look for when purchasing a car tyre inflator?

Air pressure gauge

A high-quality car tyre inflator must have a pressure gauge. Air pressure gauges help you inflate tyres properly. A digital gauge lets you easily read pumped air and adjust units. A digital gauge helps you fill tyres to the right pressure. 

Auto shut-off

Consider auto shut-off when buying a car air pump. This prevents overinflation. Hyperinflation is a common mistake when inflating car tyres. Miscalculation by the gauge generates uneven tyre pressures, which causes hyperinflation. Auto-shutoff becomes beneficial at this point.

Inflator speed

The time to fill a tyre is another important consideration when buying a car air pump. This tyre inflator for car gives you an idea of how long it takes to fill your car's tyres. The air pumps inflate the tyres quickly.

LED Worklight

Punctures can occur at any time. So, the LED work light helps if the tyre rupture happens in the dark. The LED work light can signal other drivers to help you out.

Inflator size

Before a car trip, bring a portable tyre inflator for car. If you keep a tyre inflator in your car 24/7, you can drive with confidence. Portable tyre inflator for car pumps are ideal for automobile trips because they're portable.

Advantages of always having a car tyre inflator on hand

  1. Flexible - Vehicle tyre pressure can be checked without visiting the shop. If the pressure is low, connect to the socket and refill it. If it's too high, deflate it.
  2. Useful - The product is lightweight, easy to handle, and widely available.
  3. Time-saving - Using a woscher tyre inflator for car while parked under your house is faster than visiting a gas station or tyre shop. Waiting in line can take a few minutes.
  4. Portable car air pumps are safe - Consumers buy only safe products. Some current tyre air pumps have safety features to protect the vehicle and bystanders. Once the required PSI is attained, the inflator automatically shuts off.
  5. Budget-friendly - This is a one-time investment, so choose a car air pump wisely. Most decent tyre inflators cost Rs 1000 to Rs 1500. You can pick between digital and analogue digital meters.

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