Woscher 1612 Car Vacuum Cleaner, Air Pump

100W Vacuum Motor, 4000 PA Suction Power, 12V Voltage, 13FT Long Cable

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Give your car cleanliness it deserves with Woscher 1612 Vacuum Cleaner. Get rid of all dry or wet dust, dirt, and spilled coffee with a powerful 100w Vacuum motor.

No More Hustle for

Clean Car

Give your car cleanliness it deserves with Woscher 1612 Vacuum Cleaner. Get rid of all dry or wet dust, dirt, and spilled coffee with a powerful 100w Vacuum motor.

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Engineered with the latest technology and finest deisgn to meet high efficiency. Woscher 1612 removes solid or liquid waste from all corners of your car with 3 different nozzles

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Product Information

Special Feature ‎Bag, HEPA
Form Factor ‎Handheld
Colour ‎Black
Filter Type ‎HEPA
Surface Recommendation ‎Upholstery
Power Source ‎Corded Electric
Included (Inside the box) ‎Comes with • 1 Vacuum Cleaner • 1 Washable HEPA Filter • 3 Nozzle Attachments • 1 Extra Fuse • 1 Soft Long Tube • 1 Carry Bag
Voltage ‎12 Volts
Item Weight ‎625 Grams
Capacity ‎40 litres
Wattage ‎100 Watts
Manufacturer ‎Woscher, Woscher Customer Care- +91-7777808899(Only Whats App)
Number of Items ‎1
Control Method ‎Touch
Product Dimensions ‎35.6 x 12.7 x 10 cm; 625 Grams
Item model number ‎1612
Manufacturer Part Number ‎B07VMYG7BX
OEM Part Number ‎1612
Inner Material ‎ABS Plastic
Outer Material ‎ABS Plastic
Material ‎Aluminium Motor
Assembly Required ‎No
Special Features ‎Bag, HEPA
Safety Rating ‎ROHS, BSCI
Manufacturer ‎Woscher
Country of Origin ‎China
Imported By ‎WH Ventures
Item Weight ‎625 g

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Woscher 1612 car vacuum cleaner

The Woscher is one of the best brands in terms of tyre inflators and car vacuum cleaners. Nowadays, there is a high concentration of dust and dirt accumulated over car surfaces. The problem is how to get rid of this dirt, and here WOSCHER car vacuum cleaners come into the picture, which is one easy solution. It helps clean all the car surfaces, including the beneath surfaces. It has a powerful motor and dual filtration potential. It's simple for car floors to fill up with the filth of the day, whether you have young children or pets or travel frequently for business. Now that your car won't become dirty, you can confidently drive, knowing that a quick wipe down with your WOSCHER vacuum cleaner will restore its beautiful appearance.

The WOSCHER car cleaning vacuum cleaner is your best emergency aid—A must-have for every car owner. Cleaning your car is a breeze with the help of this powerful, long-lasting wet/dry vacuum owing to all of its convenient attachments. You no longer have to fight to clean hard-to-reach places behind vehicle seats, in tight spaces, and near the A/C outlet. They will become pristine quickly if you only use the hose and crevice nozzle. Use the brush and the regular nozzle to clean any spills or crumbs from your carpets and upholstery, and your car will appear clean in just a few minutes.

The best utilization of WOSCHER car vacuum cleaners is that they facilitate quickly washing your automobile without leaving your driveway. Any owner of a car has to have a handheld vacuum cleaner. There is a better choice, and you've found it, so don't stand in line at the gas station to use their clumsy, cumbersome vacuum just to have the machine cut off mid-job. Cleaning your vehicle, truck, SUV, RV, or boat is much simpler with the help of this strong, simple-to-use portable vacuum cleaner pump. This vacuum easily picks up dirt, crumbs, dust, leaves, and much more, whether your children create a mess or you just want to keep things tidy. Its distinctive construction and attachments let you access those challenging areas from any angle, so you don't miss a thing.

Its special design and attachments let you access those challenging spots from any angle to ensure that you don't miss a crumb. Our Strong Handheld car Vacuum cleaners have the following characteristics: Multiple such attachments make cleaning that place beneath the seat easy and let you clean every minor part. The Industry-leading 4 KPA Suction power enhances its capabilities and enables you to clean more efficiently. The handheld, portable, and lightweight are the core capabilities of this vacuum cleaner. It's without sacrificing power. -14 foot cable enables you to reach any region in your car and clean the area. The HEPA FILTERS are included, which acts as an add-on functionality. You may save money and time by using WOSCHER instead of the pricey gas station vacuum. We guarantee a 100% satisfaction guarantee of the product, which will not disappoint you.

Powerful innovation in cleaning:


The woscher car cleaning vacuum cleaner is made to make car cleaning more enjoyable. It has multiple filtering options and a washable HEPA filter. A woscher vacuum cleaner is a cleaning tool with a powerful 100W vacuum motor with a high suction power of 3000-3500 PA. It removes all kinds of dust and dirt particles. This is a great innovation in automobiles, which will be your safest option while driving.


Woscher car vacuum cleaners are well-built from high-quality components. You can depend on the long-lasting durability of this portable machine. Because it is lightweight and small, you can carry it almost anywhere without taking up much space. It is portable and can be used to clean difficult-to-reach areas: Every corner and hard-to-reach area of your vehicle is perfectly cleaned with our versatile vacuum cleaner.

This Woscher car vacuum cleaner is ergonomically designed to handle, making it easier to use the appliance more comfortably and seamlessly. Connect the 14-foot power cord to your vehicle's cigarette lighter to begin dusting. One of its significant characteristics is its portability only, reinforcing its durability and adaptability.


This Woscher vacuum cleaner is an extremely user-friendly and versatile cleaning tool. It comes with a strong 16-foot cable that lets you clean hard-to-reach places and covers every spot on your car for maximum coverage. The three different nozzles make cleaning dirty car seats, floors, and other surfaces easier and faster. Its procedure and operating mechanisms of vacuum cleaner pump.


The design of our handheld car cleaning vacuum cleaner is functional and easy to remove and clean. Its large dust container can hold good dirt without making a mess. The storage container can be unlocked, opened, and the two filters removed. Use the brush to clean the container and the HEPA filter after you remove them, then lock them back in place.

Final Words:

In conclusion, the WOSCHER car vacuum cleaner is one of the great companion when it comes to cleaning your automobiles. Our portable vacuum's design is practical and makes it simple to take apart and clean. It features a large dust container that can keep a lot of dirt without spilling. The two filters may be taken out of the storage container by unlocking it and opening it.

After removing the container and HEPA filter, clean them with the brush before locking them back in. Wet or dry particles may be cleaned up with the Sleek vehicle vacuum. The 100W motor produces an industry-leading 4kpa (approximate) of suction force, which will quickly clean your automobile. Hence, you can definitely buy this vacuum cleaner pump which will make your life easy and smoother.

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Customer Reviews

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Rocky Dhiman

Product is damaged

Rahul Yadav

Some of the areas of car are not cleaning and short of power in vaccum

Sajid Khan

Woscher 1612 Car Vacuum Cleaner, Air Pump

Sudheer Mathur

Woscher 1612 Car Vacuum Cleaner, Air Pump

Parvinder Lahoria

Woscher 1612 Car Vacuum Cleaner, Air Pump

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